"I'd Rather Be a Kid," Gets Five Star Review by Reader's Favorite

I’d Rather Be a Kid: Signed Becky Chalmers by Diane Campbell Green and illustrated by Linda E. Jones is a well-written children's book. What was your experience growing up as a kid? What was the event that ever made you wish to become a kid once more? I’d Rather Be a Kid is a book that narrates a series of events in the Chalmers family. Becky was the first daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chalmers. When she was eight, she wanted to get wisdom. At nine, she wanted to be grown up. But when she clocked ten, she was up against more challenges and responsibilities in life. She now has harder tests to deal with at school and no longer does the things she used to do when she was a kid. She stopped getting into trouble and coming home with dirty clothes. Instead, she helps her mum with the house chores. She wished she had remained a kid.

I’d Rather Be a Kid is the fourth book in the Becky Chalmers series. It was written by Diane Campbell Green and signed by Becky Chalmers. It’s a picture storybook with wonderful illustrations by Linda E. Jones that brings the characters and their world to life. It’s like watching an artist design an elegant masterpiece. I’d Rather Be a Kid is relevant to both children and adults. It's entertaining and also contains vital life lessons. I’m convinced that Diane Campbell Green wrote this book with the family in mind. I admired Mr. Chalmers for the discipline and moral code he instilled in his children. This was evident when Billy was sent to Mrs. Pincher’s house with a bag of tulip bulbs and an apology note. This will teach kids to learn to admit to their mistakes and apologize. Indeed, it's not a bad idea to have a copy of I'd Rather Be a Kid in the house. Children sure have a lot to learn from this amazing storybook.