Diane Campbell Green

Diane Campbell Green was trained as a research historian. She received a Bachelor's degree from Worcester State College in Massachusetts then attended graduate school at Marquette University and the University of Virginia.  As a graduate student, she assisted the editors of the Papers of George Washington and the Papers of James Madison. Her first time in print was as coeditor of American Manuscripts, 1763 to 1815, an index to the early manuscript trade. Post academia, she was a researcher for several major New York and Tampa retained executive search firms.

 Ms. Campbell Green was inspired and urged on by a dear friend to write.   She first wrote a memoir of a very influential family member of  the "Greatest Generation."  Some photographs given to her by a favorite relative were the catalysis to write On Being Great Again, A Surgeon, A Soldier, A Family Man, Jack J. Caleca, MD.  Next, Ms. Campbell Green overlaid a family history with national history and the local history of Bristol, Pennsylvania during the Gilded Age. The book is entitled This Was Their Time and is presented as historical fiction.

From here the author took a leap into children's literature. For several months, early morning thoughts about her childhood in Yardley, Pennsylvania pressed her to compose positive, happy, humorous memories into books for children 12 and under.  Santa and The Cotton Tree is a children’s story about a magical Christmas Eve journey and an old Pennsylvania tradition; a Christmas cotton tree.  The book was published by Covenant Books and released in 2020.  Santa and the Cotton Tree won a Royal Dragonfly award in 2020.

 Ms. Campbell Green found the characters in Santa and the Cotton Tree fun, interesting and remarkably real, worthy of continued stories.  Book One of the series, The Sparkling Adventures of Becky and Friends was also published by Covenant Books. It is a chapter book about the adventures and explorations of a group of children lead by eight-year-old Becky Chalmers.  The book won second place for Children's Chapter Books in the 2021 Royal Dragonfly contest sponsored by Story Monsters, a children's literature review publication.

In each of the ensuing books, characters multiply revolving around Becky Chalmers. The authors talented friend, Linda Elizabeth Jones, created  illustrations.  Mrs. Jones exquisite artwork (begun in Santa and the Cotton Tree) continues through the entire Becky Chalmers series.  

The Second Book in the series, is Goats and Ginger Ale Floats.  Becky and friends have various hilarious misadventures while “growing -up.”  Goats and Ginger Ae Floats was awarded a five star rating from Reader's Favorites.

In Book Three, I’d Rather Be a Kid, signed Becky Chalmers, Becky laments the “adult” responsibility she now has.  

Additionally, two early readers for children just starting their education have been published by Digital Publishers for the author. One is entitled, Senecca Starstopper Can Fly.  The second early reader is Boys and Girls, Dimples and Curls.

 All books are available at www.dcgbooks.com.  

 The writing spirit appears to be holding steady.  Ms. Campbell Green has also written a complimentary how-to on making a Christmas cotton tree which is available only for purchasers of Santa and the Cotton Tree on the website. She has completed a contemporary companion 'Becky Book,' from the perspective of Emily Chalmers Gordon, granddaughter of Becky Chalmers, it too is complimentary to purchasers of The Sparkling Adventures of Becky and Friends and only offered on the website.  

Ms. Campbell Green intends to write for as long as she can hold a pen and make a computer work properly.