About the Author

Diane Campbell Green received a Bachelor's degree from Worcester State College in Massachusetts then attended graduate school at  the University of Virginia.  Later, she was a researcher for several major New York and Tampa retained executive search firms.  The author lives and works out of her home in the sponge capital of Florida, Tarpon Springs.  Ms. Campbell-Green is presently writing a series of children’s books about growing up in the Delaware River town of Yardley, Pennsylvania.  

        The Becky Chalmers and Friends series includes five books.  It is helpful to read them in this order:

1. Santa and the Cotton Tree

2. The Sparkling Adventures of Becky and Friends

3. Goats and Ginger Ale Floats, Becky and Friends

4. I’d Rather Be a Kid, signed Becky Chalmers

5. And soon, Becky Chalmers, Beautified

     The author’s passion for writing started as a teen.  Her first attempt was a short story about the Beatles.  The manuscript was typed on a manual typewriter and bound with red ribbons.  In 2018, Ms. Campbell-Green wrote an unpublished family genealogy of the Campbell family. A memoir about the family patriarch, Jack Caleca, MD, was next.  Part World War II history and part personal memoir, On Being Great Again includes many original photographs. Later, the author studied her family’s history during the American Gilded Age. This Was Their Time is historical fiction and social history generously footnoted with a few family photographs.