I'd Rather Be a Kid, Signed Becky Chalmers

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Becky Chalmers and friends are back in this third book of the Becky Chalmers series.  Ten-year-old Becky’s baby sister Susie, gets into a couple of scrapes worthy of Becky, herself.  Sharon and Becky have an unsportsmanlike confrontation.  The crew puts Scotty Cadwallader in his place.  Cousins Sandy and Eric are introduced.  And Becky takes her debut trip to New York City.

                Becky and friends have matured through the series:  in book one, The Sparkling Adventures of Becky and Friends, Becky leads her twin brothers and friends on adventures in Yardley, their tiny town in Pennsylvania’s Delaware Valley.  In book two, Goats and Ginger Ale Floats, Becky and Friends, Becky and friends have various hilarious misadventures while “growing -up.” In book three, I’d Rather Be a Kid, signed Becky Chalmers, Becky laments the “adult” responsibilities she now has.