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Midway through 2024, my childhood imagination has caught fire, and as others say, I have become ‘prolific.’ Three children’s picture books have been published this year with Judith Gosse as illustrator. None of these are based on growing-up memories but are instead whimsical stories of winter, gardening, and a child’s observations from her window seat. At the same time, I have a lovely New England Christmas story that I will have ready for Christmas 2024. I strongly feel the desire to write with American history as my setting. It was my first love as a student at Worcester State University. You could say I’m returning to my roots—to colonial Massachusetts. I am experimenting with an End-Times fantasy, and this book is slowly progressing. I’m revising the last two Becky Chalmers books, Awakening, An Enchanted Romance, and Love Always, but I may simply leave them as they are.

My earlier books, including those about Becky Chalmers and her friends, have been going out of print, and several are no longer listed on this website or remain available on Amazon. You can email me to check if I have a copy or two of these books in my private collection. My favorite and best seller, Santa and the Cotton Tree, remains available on Amazon.

Diane Green

Author of The Becky Chalmers Series

The timeless stories of a precocious little girl and her friends growing up in the 1960s. Follow Becky Chalmers in a series of humorous adventures. The first four books are picture books, beautifully illustrated by Linda E. Jones. Then, watch the crew move on to middle school in Becky Chalmers Beautified and Becky Likes Boys. A few years pass and Becky is in high school testing the waters of young adulthood:  her first crush, devoted friends, and an enchanted adventure.

About The Author

Diane Green’s passion for history and creative writing began in Pennsylvania and flourished in Massachusetts, where she gained a classical education and experience as an historian.  A graduate of Worcester State University, her educational pursuits led her to the University of Virginia. Her career shifted in NYC during the 1980s when she became an executive recruiter, honing her dialogue skills.  Now living in Tarpon Springs, Florida, Diane has earned several Story Monster awards for her Becky Chalmers Series. Dedicated to crafting wholesome tales, Diane also enjoys walking, spending time with family, and reading.


Sadie Delilah’s Window Seat, By Sadie Delilah

A young girl has a treasured window seat in her bedroom where she can contemplate her future, watch her peers unseen, and express her emotions in private.  She is in touch with nature: she feeds the animals living outside and watches the trees pass through their seasons.  Her window seat is shared with her siblings; she waves to her father when he comes home, and Sadie Delilah and her mother have girl-to-girl talks in the window seat.  A treasured place, a needed space.

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At Kornbury House: We Eat Healthy

Welcome to Kornberry House where the Countess is in charge of taking care of the children and making sure the garden is producing healthy food for all. Join her and her friends on this delightful tour of a very happy home.

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Trueberry Town

It is snowing in Trueberry Town. It is a very magical place, don’t you know? Come with the town’s children on a special journey in this delightful tale of winter dreams and wonderous possibilities.

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Love Always

Love Always is an engaging, heartwarming romance featuring a young woman named Becky Chalmers who grapples with difficult choices when confronted with potentially life-altering new information about the two men she loves. Becky sorts out her feelings, figures out what is most important to her, and decides which man to marry. As the new couple begin their married life,
readers will rejoice to see them receive an uplifting opportunity to love beyond their wildest dreams. This page-turner includes some intriguing, unexpected plot twists and offers the insightful message that it is important to thoroughly look into your heart before you leap into marriage.

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Awakening: An Enchanted Romance will be released in mid-November. A revised and expanded edition of Becky’s Choice and Becky Says Yes, printed and marketed by Palmetto Publishers. 

At fifteen, Becky Chalmers is just starting to understand the complexities of love. Beginning with a spine-chilling visit to a state archive fraught with haunting secrets, Becky’s fledgling love life becomes entwined in suspense.  She is separated from her first high school crush, then betrayed in a timid venture to try romance again.  The scene switches from small town America to sultry Miami Beach when her doting grandmother tries to fix things for Becky.  However, life is never straightforward.  When her path becomes uncertain in Miami, a dedicated police detective provides the only possible solution.

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Becky Likes Boys

Becky Chalmers is growing up in the sixties. Face powder hides freckles. Life is Pop Stars and Teen Magazines. And there are the Boys; David, the American Dragon, Scotty, Big and Clumsy, Juan Carlos, Becky’s Crush.

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Becky Chalmers Beautified

On the cusp of her eleventh birthday, young Becky Chalmers is straddling childhood and growing up as she navigates the world of the 1960s in her idyllic hometown of Yardley, Pennsylvania. Whether it’s making new friends, her first kiss, or learning what true beauty entails, this spirited girl is an “everygirl,” finding an inner faith and self-confidence that young readers will relate to.

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In Becky Chalmers Beautified, young readers follow Becky through her carefree days as she learns about herself and the world she lives in. Whether it’s the bond with her best friend Sharon being put to the test when she moves away, finding comfort in community during a Christmas Eve bonfire outing following President Kennedy’s assassination, or making a wise friend in an unlikely stranger named Mr. O-Angel outside her library, Becky’s experiences have lasting meaning.

When Becky’s eleventh birthday nears, she tells her mother she doesn’t want a doll or toy. She wants something that will make her beautiful. Becky and her friends’ efforts include staining their lips with red M&Ms, dousing in perfume, and painting their nails. When a chance encounter during a snowy walking trip to the grocery store has Becky helping a cold and frightened little girl, Becky learns that beauty comes from within—from her kind and gentle heart.

Reminiscent of beloved characters such as Ramona Quimby and Scout Finch of a bygone children’s book era, Becky Chalmers Beautified exudes the emotional appeal of a childhood of the ‘60s with the modern strength and vigor of girl storybook characters today. The book provides middle-grade readers with an eloquent story that will stand the test of time, a true classic in the making.

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Santa and the Cotton Tree

It’s Christmas Eve day, 1963, in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Eight-year-old Becky Chalmers leads her three younger siblings on a journey to introduce baby Susie to Santa. At home her father is creating a magical cotton tree and her mother is preparing for the Christmas Day celebration. The story takes the reader back to a simpler time when a child’s freedom to explore the world was almost unlimited. Travel with the Chalmers kids to “Santa’s House” and wake up with the whole family together for a magical Christmas.

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Reviews of The Becky Chalmers Series

I had a great time reading Becky Chalmers Beautified. The book’s areas of strength are a relatable main character and a lovely tone. It made me want to travel back in time to Yardley!

The result is an excitingly original probe into everyday life, growth, and perception of self and others that opens with the story of Becky's desire to change and takes transformation and self-improvement to new levels of understanding for elementary-grade readers. Becky Chalmers Beautified. Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, “The Midwest Book Review.”

(Becky’s Choice, A Ghost’s Story) The result is a compelling brand of entertainment and thought-provoking historical mystery that both adds to the Becky Chalmers experience (and series) and stands nicely alone for newcomers—Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, “The Midwest Book Review.

Santa and the Cotton Tree is a beautiful and heartwarming story. Lovely illustrations evoke the time period in which it was written. …Santa and the Cotton Tree comes highly recommended for a warm, cozy, and memorable holiday read.

(Becky Likes Boys) Discovery Reviewer Kristine L. writes, "Loved It! Evocative, uplifting, and effervescent, this heartfelt story is as welcome and refreshing as a cup of cold water on a hot August afternoon. The author expertly captures the swirling and ever-changing emotions of preteens and young teens as well as their anxieties, uncertainties, hopes and dreams.

I rate Becky Chalmers Beautified by Diane Campbell Green 5 out of 5 stars because it contains moral lessons which children could learn from while reading.

(Becky Chalmers Series) Beautifully written childhood memories that come to life in the pages of these five books written by Diane Campbell Green. I highly recommend these books to all middle-grade readers. Kim VanderWerf

(Becky Chalmers Beautified) The book provides middle-grade readers with an eloquent story that will stand the test of time, a true classic in the making. Barnes & Noble

Finally, in my review of Becky Likes Boys, I urged readers to keep an eye out for Green’s next book. And Becky’s Choice doesn’t disappoint.

Awakening, An Enchanted Romance unveils Becky's journey filled with laughter, tears, and life's unexpected moments. As Becky's world unfolds, readers will be captivated by this tale of young love and the strength that emerges from heartbreak. Dive into this compelling coming-of-age romance, where love's power to heal and transform shines through every page.

(Awakening, An Enchanted Romance) Themes of love, friendship, nostalgia, and coming-of-age are strong in Diane Green's wholesome novel! It's nice to enter a simpler time of landline phones, truly supportive family members, and structured dating and see the world through Becky's young eyes.

(Awakening, An Enchanted Romance) This book was an easy read and sweet in nature.

Diane Campbell Green's Santa and the Cotton Tree is a lovely Christmas Eve memory that truly touches the heart. A must-read Christmas story for all young readers.


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