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As readers absorb these eight short stories about Becky Chalmers, they will be called upon to think about their own definitions of beauty and how these can change over time.

Green cultivates a soft, appealing atmosphere in these lessons, using interpersonal interactions and revelations to introduce these life-changing moments of realization.

As lessons about faith, kindness, and friendship unfold, young readers receive a compelling story about growth that ideally will be discussed in reading groups and with adult assistance to be sure the book’s valuable messages are completely understood.

The result is an excitingly original probe into everyday life, growth, and perception of self and others that opens with the story of Becky’s desires to change and takes transformation and self-improvement to new levels of understanding for elementary grade readers.

Libraries and parents seeking materials that lend to young reader enlightenment about emotional and physical beauty will find Becky Chalmers Beautified provides the rare opportunity to better understand the world and one’s place in it.


Senior Reviewer, Diane Donovan, “The Midwest Book Review.”


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